A New Beginning (part 2)

The birth of TGR

A week ago I told myself I was going to get my ass working on a meaningful hobby that might potentially translate into something better in the future. And so I decided to start writing. As I had completed my first train of thought (which is now a new beginning part 1), I felt better. Better than I have felt in a long while. It felt refreshing, like walking into a room and smelling freshly brewed coffee. I didn't want it to die down like all my other cute little 'hobby escapades'. I wanted to smell the coffee for a long long time. So I made an impulsive yet worthy commitment that I am in the run for now. I created The Guilty Reader.

Though before making such a life altering engagement, I did some research on the web and browsed a lot of content of other writers and read articles on ‘how my hobby changed my life’. After a few minutes of brainstorming and saying “ah... fuck it”, I found myself on wix.com buying their premium service plan for creating a blog website. And moments later, my website was live under the handle www.theguiltyreader.com.

Yes. It is finally happening. I am a blogger now. The only idea of creating the website was to cache my writings in a place where it gave me a sense of reality like "I am actually doing it" rather than just being illusional which ultimately results in me forgetting why I even started to write. I am also very insecure about what I write and how I write it and because of that I just wanted the blog to remain anonymous.

My vision for TGR

We are all greedy. No one is void of greed. Even a social worker is greedy to meet his own satisfaction and happiness of seeing others happy. The greed got to me as well. As I said, The Guilty Reader (TGR) was supposed to be anonymous to protect myself from my insecurity. Which got me thinking about all the others like me struggling with their own set of problems and insecurity. People who want to make their life better by doing something productive and being valuable instead of playing video games and becoming a couch potato. I became greedy. I wanted my venture to mean something more. Something not just to me but to others as well. My family, my friends, the friends of my friends and to anyone like me.

So I redesigned the website to become a public blogging platform where people are open to share anything and everything without feeling the insecurity I feel. People can write about their feelings, opinions, thoughts, books, movies, football, school, work, love,... life.

The Guilty Reader will be there to listen to all of you. People can read all the content on the site and request to post contents of their own. Everyone who signs up will become a member of the ever-growing community of new writers and be able to access amazing features available like forming groups of their own with members of their own niche and active public participation in the forums.

TGR will be a community where people grow and help others grow as well, all the while imparting in them a sense of actuality and public engagement rather than an illusional sense of betterment and ultimately succumbing to the lack of physical/emotional support and losing their motivation to do something better.

As a fellow amateur writer, my vision of TGR is to bring together a small community, at least, of willing writers who find their passion for pen & paper or keyboard, in my case, and feel good about. Until such a time come when a community is formed, the entirety of The Guilty Reader will be an Aakash Karikalan exclusive. At the end of it all, it's all about smelling the coffee as fresh as I did the first time for the rest of my life.

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